IntelleWeb assists with developing a strategy that turns visitors into customers.

We recognize that this step of the process will be the biggest single determining factor as to whether your website will succeed or fail. This strategy and planning document will then influence every single aspect of your website development from here on in.


The best assessment platform. Ever.

AssessMart gives you the freedom of creating your own assessments and deploying them online anytime, anywhere. AssessMart is an efficient platform that comes with a mutitude of assessment design and deployment features that will help you save money, time and effort.

You have the liberty of designing your own question bank and deploying the assessment end-to-end without any dependence on any ‘assessment’ company!  For more information, please visit

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ShopDilSe sells good quality, essential products used by people at the base of economic pyramid (80% of population). These items are commonly donated. There is 80% less competition in selling these product online.

The products include blankets starting at INR 104, Paree Sanitary Pads @INR 2.10, Spectacles @ INR 150-350, Bedsheets @ INR 139, low cost solar products etc.

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Donate Items makes it easier for you to experience the joy of giving. It is an online platform dedicated to connect NGOs committed to the social cause with item donors.

Download our Android App for Donors here

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